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5.7. Importing Carriers

You can import your own data into the program to load the Carrier file with data. 

Here is the file layout that is used in the software:

These are the fields that are to be populated during the import.  If you do not have all this information, that is OK, as the only field that is required is the Carrier's Name.

We have provided instructions on the process below on how to import an Excel file containing data into the program.

Run the Import for the Carrier File.

This is the first screen you will see:


You need to select the file type you will be importing from.

For this example, we are using an Excel file.

After selecting the file type, click on the Next button to continue.

This will display the file selection screen in the wizard.  

You can either key in the location and file name, or click on the ellipses to browse your system for it and select. The program will fill in the location for you.

Then click the Next button.

This will display the next screen in the wizard. 

You can ignore this screen. Click on the Next button.

This will display the field mapping selection screen stage 1.

On this screen, you need to click on the Heading of the row which is displaying the contents of your import file.  Then select the associated field in the software to map the data to go to.  Each field that you are importing needs to be selected.  You can scroll to the right to select the other fields.  After all fields are selected, click on the Next button to continue.

The next screen is a recap of the mapping selections you made on the previous screen.  You can change the selections on this screen if you need to, or you can click the back screen button to reselect.  If everything is OK, then just click the next button to continue.

The next screen will display your data and where it is going as a preview of what will be imported.  If everything is OK, click the Next button.  If not, you can click the Back button and change settings until correct.

On this screen you will choose whether to Append (add to the file) or Copy (replace the contents) the data into the file.  After selecting, click the Execute button to run the Import.

After the import is completed, you should be returned to the program and your data should be imported.


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