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9.16. Corrupted BOLH message

It looks like you have corrupted a file in the system.
This can usually occur if power outages, or something of this nature.  

You have a couple of options. 

If you have a current backup prior to the issue, you can of course
perform a restore of the data files.  This is your best option.

If you are current with your Support/Upgrades/Updates license and you do not have a current backup, you can backup the data files  and email them to us.  We may be able to fix the problem.  This ooption is only valid for Customers that are current with their support.

To send us the files, just click on the Windows Start button, then All
Programs, Star Bill of Lading 6, Utilities, Backup-Restore Data Files Utility.  
This  will run the Backup-Restore Data Files Utility.  Here you can create a
.zip file of the current data files.  Just run the backup portion of this
and specify a named .zip file. 

Then just email this zip file to support @ 

We will see what we can do and email back the fixed .zip file so you can
perform the restore on this fixed file. Be sure to include your Company name along with your contact information.

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