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8.3. My Registration Codes Do Not Seem To Work.

Make sure that you copied the codes correctly.  One thing to remember is the
0 (zeros) are zeros and not the letter O.  This is a common mistake.

Be sure to key in the User name and codes exactly as given to you.  They are case sensitive so watch for that possibility.

Check the version you installed.  It must match against the information sent to you. 
Such as if you have installed the Network Version and purchased the Single Version
and visa versa.  This must match.  You can check this by running the program, then
clicking on the Help menu, then click on About...  This will tell you the version and
edition.  If you cannot run the program, such as it expired, check the Icon Color, if it
is Brown, then it is the Single User Edition.  If it is Blue, then it is the Network Edition.

If this was the case, then you can just download and install the correct version from our web site and install it over the top of the installation you already have.  The data should stay on your system and will not be overwritten.

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